Cheltenham Serviced Rooms

Cheltenham Serviced Rooms

Renting your Property?

It's not just a business, It's your security and investment.

A unique personal letting service tailored to:
New Landlords: Renting out your property for the first time
Existing Landlords: Offloading the heavy workload and worry of renting out your property

What We Offer

Comprehensive Services:
    • Full letting service including tenant and property management allowing you to step away
    • Partial services tailored to your specific needs: property maintenance, tenant management, or full monitoring service for legal compliance
Personalized Attention:
    • Individualized care and trust-building with tenants to maintain professionalism and trust
    • Supported by experienced property administrators and maintenance staff
    • Regular contact maintained with up to 8 properties
    • Documentation of all work for legal compliance and tenant challenges
    • Monthly external property inspections and market rate monitoring every two weeks
Proprietary Dashboard:
    • Weekly updates and access to 100 checks to monitor work progress
    • Log of maintenance jobs for owner decision-making and multiple quotes for external contractor work

Why Use Us

My Personal Touch:
    • Experienced individual letting agent providing empathetic and trustworthy service
Professional Support:
    • Supported by property administrators and maintenance staff
    • Market rate monitoring and legal compliance ensured
Transparent Operations:
    • Documentation of all work and regular property inspections
Proprietary Tools:
    • Access to proprietary dashboard for transparent work monitoring
Customizable Solutions:
    • Tailored services to meet specific landlord needs

Our Personal Service

  1. Unique Offerings Included in Commission:
    • No additional charges for personalized service
    • Monthly drive-by inspections and quarterly reports to support property maintenance and tenant satisfaction
    • Transparent work management through proprietary dashboards
  2. About Me:
    • Personal experience as a landlord since 2003 with properties in Cheltenham
    • Compliance with council licensing requirements and regulations
    • Experience navigating changing government regulations


I am happy to talk over your letting plans, do schedule a call or try me direct on 07768 138981

Dashboard Viewing

  • In our proprietary monitoring Dashboard, landlords gain transparency and control. With weekly updates and access to 100 checks, landlords stay informed and oversee every aspect. Our dashboards offer benefits:
    • Real-Time Monitoring: Landlords access up-to-date information on property status, tenant communications, and maintenance tasks, ensuring they are always in the loop.
    • Comprehensive Insights: With 100 checks, our dashboards provide insights into property performance, enabling informed decision-making and proactive management.
    • Total Transparency: Landlords have visibility into all work on their properties, promoting trust and transparency between landlords and managers.
    • On-Demand Demos: We offer personalized demos on Zoom anytime, allowing landlords to explore functionalities and address concerns.