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Standard Letting Service

Standard Letting Agent Services

Crucially we offer standard letting agent services, however, we offer our:



  1. Introduction:
    • Welcome to our comprehensive guide on standard letting agent services. Whether you’re a new landlord or experienced investor, understanding these services is crucial for effectively managing your property.
  2. Tenant Screening:
    • Thorough background checks to assess tenants’ creditworthiness and rental history
    • Verification of employment and income to ensure financial stability
    • References from previous landlords to gauge reliability and suitability
  3. Property Advertising:
    • Wide-reaching marketing strategies to attract potential tenants
    • High-quality property listings with professional photos and detailed descriptions
    • Utilization of online platforms and local advertising channels to maximize exposure
  4. Property Viewings:
    • Arranging and conducting property viewings with prospective tenants
    • Providing guided tours and answering questions about the property and its amenities
    • Facilitating negotiations between landlords and tenants regarding lease terms and conditions
  5. Lease Agreement Preparation:
    • Drafting legally binding lease agreements that outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties
    • Ensuring compliance with relevant landlord-tenant laws and regulations
    • Tailoring lease terms to accommodate specific requirements or preferences
  6. Rent Collection and Arrears Management:
    • Timely collection of rent payments from tenants
    • Implementation of automated payment systems for convenience and efficiency
    • Proactive management of rental arrears, including late payment reminders and eviction procedures if necessary
  7. Property Maintenance and Repairs:
    • Coordination of routine maintenance tasks such as gardening, cleaning, and pest control
    • Prompt response to tenant maintenance requests and emergency repairs
    • Liaison with trusted contractors and service providers to ensure quality workmanship and competitive pricing
  8. Property Inspections:
    • Conducting regular inspections to assess property condition and identify any maintenance issues
    • Providing detailed inspection reports to landlords, documenting any necessary repairs or improvements
    • Addressing tenant concerns and ensuring compliance with lease agreements and property regulations
  9. Legal Compliance:
    • Keeping abreast of changing landlord-tenant laws and regulations
    • Ensuring that all aspects of property management, including tenant screening, lease agreements, and eviction procedures, adhere to legal requirements
    • Providing guidance and support to landlords to mitigate legal risks and ensure compliance
  10. Tenant Relations:
    • Acting as a point of contact for tenant inquiries, concerns, and disputes
    • Mediating conflicts and facilitating resolutions between landlords and tenants
    • Fostering positive tenant relations to promote long-term occupancy and satisfaction

This comprehensive guide outlines the standard letting agent services expected when fully handing over your property. Understanding these services can help landlords make informed decisions and ensure smooth and successful property management.